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Pursuant to its Constitution, the objectives of the Singapore Trustees Association are:

  1. to represent trustee companies in Singapore in liaising and corresponding with the Singapore government, statutory boards, other government bodies, professional and non-professional bodies, the media, other societies and clubs and the public;
  2. to represent the interests of all trustee companies in Singapore in areas of proposed or existing legislation, regulation, rules or policies which affect the industry as a whole;
  3. to provide an opportunity for all trustees or practitioners in trustee companies
    in Singapore to meet, discuss and propose developments and changes in the industry;
  4. to organise seminars, training sessions, courses or other education in trust or trust related matters relevant to the industry to practitioners from the industry;
  5. to maintain a high standard of professionalism in the trust industry;
  6. to promote Singapore as a location for trustee services and trust administration
    abroad; and
  7. to promote trustee companies and their services abroad.


Registered with the Registrar of Societies, Singapore, on 15th August 2002, the Singapore Trustees Association represents the interests of trust companies in Singapore. In this role, the STA gives views and recommendations on proposed changes to existing legislation or rules which affect the Singapore trust industry.

The STA also organises conferences, seminars and meetings to discuss issues which affect the trust industry in Singapore as a whole.