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Honorary Auditors &

Working with the Executive Committee are the Honorary Auditors and Sub-Committees:

Honorary Auditors 2021/2023

Linda Wong
John Shoemaker


  1. Technical Committee
    The Technical Committee performs a key role in pursuing STA’s core mission of promoting the trust industry in Singapore. The committee works closely with government authorities and agencies, and advocates law reform and review of regulatory and policy issues that affect the trust industry and Singapore’s reputation in the global market.
  2. Membership Committee
    The Membership Committee supports the growth of the trust industry in Singapore by engaging members in industry initiatives and providing opportunities for members to network as well as facilitating the recruitment of new members.
  3. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee
    This Committee promotes and encourages trust professionals in Singapore to continue developing themselves in order to succeed in an environment that is constantly evolving.  It organizes events and provides opportunities for members to deepen their knowledge, skills and competencies. This Committee works with the various well-established training organizations, tertiary institutions and other professional bodies to develop relevant curriculum and programmes that will raise the professional skills of its members.
  4. Public Relations Committee
    The Public Relations Committee is responsible for media relations and matters relating to corporate communications. It promotes public awareness of the role of the Association and organizes activities to raise the profile of the Association.