Personal Data Policy |


  1. Personal Data and Information Notice and Collection of Personal Data (“Notice”)STA and our affliated companies respect the personal data provided by all our valued customers and prospective customers. This Notice is issued to our valued customers and prospective customers pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. For the purpose of this Notice, reference of “we”, “our” or “us” shall refer to Singapore Trustees Association or any of the affliated companies within the Group or all of the companies. “Group” shall collectively refer to all of the companies in affliation with STA. In the course of your transactions and dealings with us, we may require you to provide us with your personal data and information (“Personal Data”).
  2. Description of Personal DataThe Personal Data that may be required from you include name, address, national registration identity card number, passport number, marital status, religion, correspondence address, occupation, details of spouse, details of children, name of employer, income, email address, occupation and details of loan application.
  3. Information CollectedYour Personal Data are collected from various sources such as:-
    1. information directly provided by you to us in any mode;
    2. information provided by you to any third party by way of referral to us; and
    3. information obtained independently by us from any lawful sources.
  4. Purpose of Collection of Personal DataBy providing your Personal Data, you hereby consent to us collecting, retaining and using your Personal Data, amongst others, for the following purposes:-
    1. for the purpose of entering into any agreement with us;
    2. serving and providing any notice or information to you;
    3. processing your application;
    4. considering your offer to purchase any product or property from us;
    5. preserving the trademark used in the development, which the property you have purchased from us is comprised therein;
    6. performance of any contractual obligations under the agreements entered into between you and us, e.g. delivery of vacant possession of property to you;
    7. for our internal record purposes;
    8. prevention of crime, e.g. anti money laundering activities; and/or
    9. making any disclosure as may be required by law or regulations.
  5. Your Right to Request for Access and CorrectionYou may request for a copy of the Personal Data collected and retained by us. For the purpose of your request, you are required to make a written request and also submit to us a copy of your identity card or latest passport.
    We reserve the right to decline your request for a copy of the Personal Data if it jeopardises the privacy of others. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the Personal Data provided to us is accurate. However, if any of your Personal Data is incorrect or inaccurate, we will attend to the correction after having received the correction request from you, without charges.
  6. Use and DisclosureThe Personal Data provided to us will be kept confidential but you shall agree that we may disclose your Personal Data to the following persons:-
    1. any company within our Group of companies;
    2. our consultants, solicitors, auditors, employees, insurance companies, suppliers, contractors, partners, joint venture partners, property management companies, licensor of trademark for the property development and any of its affiliated companies, statutory and regulatory bodies, relevant financial institutions, and any person who is under a confidentiality obligations towards any of the companies within the Group;
    3. any intended purchaser, assignee or transferee who has intention to acquire any rights, benefit and interest in any of the companies within the Group;
    4. the trademark owner or its af liated companies in respect of the trademark used in the development which the property you purchase from us is comprised therein;
    5. any third party who renders any services in managing or maintaining the development which the Property you purchase from us is comprised therein; and/or
    6. any third party who renders any services in managing or maintaining the Property you purchase from us.
  7. SecurityWe will use our best endeavours to ensure that the Personal Data provided to us is kept confidential. As such, only our authorised employees are permitted to access your personal information for the purpose as stated in this Notice. Our website may link or direct you to other external websites which are not within our control. Although we will use our best endeavours to ensure that the external websites that you are linked to share our similar privacy and security standards, however you should exercise caution, including reviewing the privacy policy of those external websites, before disclosing any of your Personal Data.
  8. Choice to Personal DataYou may choose to restrict the use of your Personal Data by indicating such request in the remarks column of the form that can be obtained from
  9. Insufficiency of Personal DataIn the event that we have not collected sufficient or accurate Personal Data from you, we may not be able to process or carry out any of the purposes as mentioned in Section D above, and we will not be able to provide you with any services or carry out any intended dealing with you. Further, your application to access the information as stated in Section E will be denied.
  10. Inquiry/ContactIf you have any inquiry in respect of your Personal Data, please send your inquiry to our email address at
  11. Retention of Personal DataAny Personal Data provided by you to us shall be retained by us for as long as the fulllment of the purposes stated in Section D above is required, or if such retention is required by any legal, regulatory or accounting requirements.
  12. Amendment to NoticeWe reserve the right to amend or modify this Notice from time to time without prior notice to you.